Sol Casino Bonus for Canadians – play and stay excited 24/7!

Sol Casino bonus is a huge system of special offers in an online casino (which is been working since 2018). This system works for all members of Sol Casino Club after their registration and verification of their accounts. Sol Casino CA prefers to give a lot of special offers and bonuses to entertain gamblers and give them opportunities to have a good game.

These Bonuses include welcome bonus for all new members, deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback and bonus codes. You can learn more about Sol Casino bonuses below.

Sol Free Spins for best slots ever!

Free spin is a bonus for those who prefer to try their luck in slots. During the spin you will see usual animation, but you won’t need to pay for this spin.

There are a lot of variants with free spin bonuses in Sol Casino. You will have the very opportunity to have first one bunch with your first deposit – your welcome offer. You can spend it in our Slot menu and enjoy the game from the first day of your registration and verification. Moreover, you can get them with bonus codes and “Pharaoh” set with both spins and bonuses to play. With Pharaoh, you will have 40 free spins and +40% for your purposes on Sol Casino Canada Website.

Bonus Codes in Sol Casino Canada

After registration and verification you will get emails to your mail address. Some people switch their notifications off, but we strongly recommend not to do this. As a rule, you will receive emails about news, changes and other technical information about changes of our website’s work.

But, in fact, that’s not the only reason to turn your notifications on and to follow our advice. We, Sol Casino, are going to send you special offers and coupon codes. We will also write you what will you get and when you can use your bonus code. These codes may contain deposit bonuses, free spins, and other, also good, valuable offers for your games.

Sol Casino Deposit Bonus

Another huge and interesting bunch of bonuses after spins and Sign Up bonus is Sol Casino Deposit bonus. This bonus has a level-based scheme, which can be found in our “Deposit bonus” page. Learn more about our weekly deposit and have more fun with bonuses from Sol Casino.

Bonuses: terms and conditions in Sol Casino

Sol Casino Bonuses are made for your fun and are to be spent in a due time after you receive them. In other words, you should spend them before they will be dropped out from your account.

Welcome bonus, as well as 4 other bonuses you get after it, are to be spent in three days after you receive them. You can’t get the next bonus while having the previous one active and ready to be spent. Don’t forget to use your bonuses, because they will be lost for you after three days gone. Also your bonus money and free spins may be used only is Slots menu of Sol Casino Canada.

You are to make at least minimum deposit of 20 more USD to get your bonuses.

All other offers and free spins are to be spent in a due time according to your privilege bonus. You can go to our Cashback Bonus page to learn more and to know all information about Terms and Conditions, as well as about time to spend them.