Big Bad Wolf Slot Machine

Heya! That’s me, Big Bad Wolf. I want to win these three silly pigs – and you will help me to. See these pigs in reels?

They sit in their House. They laugh. They want to play jokes with me – and, finally, fed me up. Don’t you really want to throw them away? Yes? Then, go on with me, Big Bad Wolf from a Quickspin Slot Games.

Oh, silly, silly pigs!

They think that they are smart. Look, here are they, again! Beat them, make them disappear and win with me and my help. Let’s show them all what the power of 10, Joker, Queen, King, Ace and me really is. Find their toy and destroy it to make me laugh at them. Collect the moon symbols while you play, and I will gain my power to blow all their house down. Let’s show them our unlimited power!

You also can try to make me angry here, in Sol Casino. You will, if you cooperate with these ugly, selfish pigs! And remember: you will see me, angry, when it comes to free spins. Good luck!